Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I know

Having my non-computer literate mum tell me to google something is hilarious.

If I had had any idea of the sheer volume of liquid poo that Pippin could produce I would have stuck with disposable nappies, damn it.

Crochet is the crack cocaine of the craft world. I am so addicted, I'm hooking it even as I write this post.

It is sheer bliss to not have the house surrounded by scaffolding, even though the renovations are still not quite finished.

Some days it is just absolutely necessary to make fairy cakes with pink icing and cherries on top.

Joining in with Shae for the week - see what other people know here!




  1. THOSE CAKES!!! Nom nom nom

    Thanks for joining in :)

  2. the fact that "google it" is part of our language is crazy, has it made into the dictionary the post

  3. mmmm cakes... and big LOL about crack crochet... I knew there was a reason it appealed to me!

  4. mmmm
    good call on the fairy cakes
    served with tea I bet!


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