Thursday, April 14, 2011

I just realised

...I've been putting off (for months!!) writing an email to my very good friend in Canberra because I am too embarrassed about being a stay at home mum. Too embarrassed about not having a 'real job' to tell her about. Too afraid of being boring because all I want to do is rave on about how awesome Pippin is (which is HUGELY AWESOME by the way).

Whoa. What is that all about?

I am going to write her an email about my TERRIFIC and PRODUCTIVE and ENJOYABLE life of baking, crocheting, homemaking, gardening and Pippin-wrangling right now.


  1. You go, lady! You're doing a very important job. Well that's what I try and tell myself when someone is trying to insert a toy horse into my ear and asks for cake 15 times an hour!

  2. don't be afraid, your friend will probably be happy whatever you wrote, the memory about her counts here:)


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