Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not (Much) Cheating (I Hope)

Our iron died an unfortunate and violent death the other day. It took a plunge from the ironing board to the hard floor just as my husband was in the middle of ironing his shirt for work that day. Normally shirts get ironed on a Sunday night when we are over at my parents' house... this particular Sunday my parents came over here for dinner so shirts did not get ironed... a star-crossed turn of events and a real shame because that iron was very functional until it ended up slightly splattered on the floor.

Luckily my husband had a couple of casual shirts that were ironed, and no urgent meetings to attend which would require him to be properly dressed and suited up for a couple of days!

So, I thought about trying to locate a second hand one, but in the end I made a trip to the city to acquire a new iron. I feel a bit guilty, but I wasn't sure where to look for a second hand one, nor was there a great deal of leisure to look for it. I can't deny that buying a new iron was just more convenient than not. (In hindsight perhaps I should have gone to Savers first? Didn't think of that at the time though.) Hopefully though this one will last at least as long, if not longer, than the now-defunct one (which must have been about ten years old, I reckon).

Or maybe I should have gone looking for one of these?

 I was slightly comforted to know that Tif from Dottie Angel has had similar issues recently!


  1. I had to chuckle when I read this Verity...not long after I had started the challenge, I dropped our iron on the floor, it virtually split in half, so no hope of repair...I didn't look around for second hand one (thinking they probably would look like the one in your picture lol!)...given that I need my iron for my 'work', I justified it as a business expense..and business stuff was out of the challenge anyway!! in so far as i could!
    I think these things are sent to test us...

    I was pretty pleased when a couple of months later I managed to find a second hand (and still quite a new model!) the lid on our old one kept falling off! never quite know what is going to break down, or on the flip side, what lovely finds you will surpise and delight yourself with!

  2. I'm kind of hoping our iron breaks, in some ways. We had to buy the cheapest one, because we had to buy all our appliances when we moved here. I hate our iron, but I suppose I should make amends with it since it's the only one I have at the moment. :)


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