Friday, February 25, 2011

Things I know

c\_/ there is nothing cuter than the sound of Pippin babbling and singing to himself

c\_/ unreliable uncommunicative tradespeople are THE WORST

c\_/ reliable, trustworthy tradespeople are THE BEST. Also, unfortunately, rare

c\_/ I cannot wait to get all the scaffolding out of our front and back yards and get a kitchen garden in

c\_/ being premenstrual means all I want to do is shop shop shop

c\_/ knitting is boring compared with crochet

What do you know this week? See what other people are sharing at Shae's place!


  1. Love these! Ah the premenstrual shopping...I know it well.

    Thanks for joining in :)

  2. Hi V, I've been teaching myself to crochet too, so far I haven't progressed much beyond making a scarf (funnily enough that's also the extent of my knitting ability - can't seem to manage doing anything other than a straight line). It is a great hobby though, I've got a pattern for some lovely cushion covers that I'll tackle one day.
    Agree with you on the shopping too! :)


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