Thursday, February 10, 2011

A quiet 'good afternoon'

It has been a long time since I felt I could fit in any blog posts here... It's not like I haven't been doing stuff; I've been doing lots of things: baking, making, running around after Pippin (now 15 months old and more amazing by the day), reading, cleaning... Oh and drinking tea of course (I've just started back on my tea blog as well).

I want to try and keep posting here though. I think it will be good for me, but I'm not quite sure what things will look like or the kind of content I'll be putting up. So please bear with me if things are a bit muddled, chaotic and jump around a bit as I strive to find my blogging groove again. That said, part of the reason I stopped posting for so long was because I felt like my little blog here didn't really compare with any of the other homemaking/baking/daily life blogs I read and enjoy and I felt discouraged and sad. This was part of a kind of 'my whole life sucks and is pointless' existential crisis that I went through around Christmas time in particular, I think. Plus the pressure that I was putting on myself to take pretty pictures and post LOTS wasn't very helpful.

But! As I have come to realise, I'm not in the blogging business; I write my blogs for fun and I don't really care how many people read this blog (although if you do, and you enjoy it, I'm very glad!)... So there will probably be fewer posts in general, and probably fewer pictures as well. If this means that Nice Life With a Cup of Tea is not to your taste that's ok and I will not be offended if you move on.

In the meantime... Here's a few things that have been inspiring me lately:

c\_/ this poem posted on Roots of She, a site I am coming to love more and more I must say.

c\_/ these Turtle Bars (I had never heard of them before, had you??) sound SO DELICIOUS, I am making them tomorrow!

c\_/ I got a sewing machine for Christmas (from my lovely family!!) and I made a blanket like this one - I'll post some pics soon. It is making me so happy every time I see it on our bed.




  1. Glad to hear your going to keep blogging. It can be a bit disheartening looking around at all the lovely blogs and comparing yours to theirs. I sometimes wonder how these women find the time to do so much and then take pictures and blog about it. I've learned though that it takes time. My blog has (I think) improved over time and if I get into a routine doesn't take as much effort as it did in the beginning.

    Good luck x x

  2. To my pleasure you distracted me with your nice blog post. I got a bit lost in the pics, the recipes, the poem and the sites that go with it. I also ended up looking at Sarah Elizabeth's blog - had not idea she had got married. That's because I had no idea she existed until I read your blog :)

    Either way, what I'm trying to say is; I really like what you posted. It was interesting and relaxing, and moving all at the same time.

    As you can see Verity, you effect people with your blog. No matter how "little" it might seem to you at times, you are reaching other people, sometimes at opposites end of the world.

    Thanks for writing this,

  3. I love your blog and am glad you're going to continue--with out pressure. Press on, my friend, for you have something unique and beautiful to share, and I am confident that everyone who follows and reads your blogs enjoys it as much as I do and looks forward to each post (and doesn't mind how often or how many you do).

    I love Turtle flavoured stuff! Very popular in America. I've had ice cream, cheesecakes, and many more things made in the turtle flavours. YUM. Can't wait to hear how yours turn out and maybe try a gf version myself. :)


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