Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feeling inspired

I'm a hopeless crafter-dreamer. There are SO many things I wish I were able to do... Like sew clothes and make softie toys (I'll have to get a sewing machine first though, AND learn how to use it), crochet, knit something more complex than a stocking-stitch scarf, make collages...

I've dabbled in a bunch of different crafts over the years: making soap, soy wax candles, aromatherapy creams and lotions, scrapbooks, pot pourri, embroidery. I've made a couple of softies from the lovely book Sock and Glove...

This one was my best effort: it was originally meant to be a rabbit, but then it ended up a bit more like a dog... I finally decided that it was in fact a Heffalump.

 Since then I have been rather too discouraged to try making any more! This is the problem with most of the things that I try... They don't turn out as well as I hope they will and I lose confidence and don't keep on trying. Maybe I should? Or am I just a glutton for punishment? I've dug out my copy of the book again, nonetheless.

At the moment I'm also feeling inspired by a knitting feature that I saw in a library copy of Better Homes & Gardens from a couple of months ago. Ten things to do with a knitted square (even I can knit a square in garter stitch), including making a little bag for your jewellery, making a soft toy, using it as a placemat, making a keepsake envelope, brightening up a plain cushion...

I have a bunch of brightly coloured balls of wool stashed away under my bed... All I need to do is dig the bag out and get knitting, how long can it take to knit a few squares?

What are you feeling inspired to make?

PS: Wish I had some of this gorgeous wool... How divine are the colours?!

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