Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Week's Baking - Easy Oat Bread, and a Sourdough Starter!

Earlier this week I made the Easy Oat Bread from Kneadlessly Simple. This is just about my favourite bread from that book, or at least the one I make most often; it's simple, very versatile, and makes two loaves in one go.

This time I opted to make one plain and then decided to experiment by adding a chopped-up apple and some cinnamon sugar topping to the second loaf. It turned out well, although I could have done a better job of incorporating the apple.

I think next time I will have a go at flattening the dough out into a square, sprinkling the apple over and rolling it up... that might work better.

I am also making my first-ever sourdough starter, a rye-based one. Look! Bubbles!

I took this photo on Sunday when it was 2 days old. It's looking pretty good now, smells quite sour but ok, and I think it will be ready to use in another day or so. I'm a bit confused about the right feeding schedule, but it seems to be going ok, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing (feeding it once a day) and change if I need to.

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