Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things REALLY don't always turn out like you expect.

What a week.

Trying to get Pippin to bottle feed, or even to drink from a cup, or to spoon feed him, has been a disaster.

I had no idea he would be so stubborn, so uncooperative, so downright uncoordinated about the whole thing! It got to the stage where I basically had to make a choice between breastfeeding him or taking him to hospital because he was not getting anywhere near an adequate fluid intake.

So I am back to breastfeeding, having got some advice from a nurse at the Children's Hospital who specialises in baby feeding problems. I need to be on the lookout for signs that he might bite, and be really strict with him if he does. I'll be taking him to see her at some point, hopefully next week, to discuss options for weaning. In the meantime, I've got mixed feelings... On the one hand I am desperately glad that Pippin is getting the nourishment he needs and I am also glad to still be breastfeeding. On the other hand I was just getting used to the idea of NOT breastfeeding... Then I had to change back.

I feel kind of jerked around.

Also I am terrified of being bitten again. Especially since, on top of everything else, I came down with mastitis a couple of days ago; I have been SO SICK and in so much pain. If Pippin bites my affected breast I swear people in Canada will hear me screaming. Fortunately the antibiotics are just starting to really kick in, but I still feel relatively dreadful. Ironically (although also luckily) regular breastfeeding is actually helpful because it drains the breast properly.

It has been a rotten, rotten, rotten week. I could not have made it through without the amazing support I have received from my husband, my family (especially my mum), my friends, the mothers at playgroup, the maternal & child health nurses...

Everyone has been beyond wonderful and I am so, so grateful. Thank you all!


  1. Verity, what a week!
    Biting is awful, but I'm sure he will soon learn not to.
    Also have you contacted the Australian Breastfeeding Assoc, they have a helpline, if you need someone else to chat to.
    Pippin is so lucky to have such a fabulous mum!

  2. Hi V, just found your blog. Your cakes/ice-creams/breads/skin care recipes all look so good! Makes me wish for an oven and a proper kitchen...
    Hope feeding Pippin is getting better, naughty little monkey!
    Say hello to T for me.
    All the best,


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