Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flavour of the Week - Christmas (in July) Pudding

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations are due to all those loyal ice cream citizens who have continued to anticipate and intercept weekly dessert deliveries, as evidenced by their disappearance from the freezer. This remarkable consumption was maintained despite an appallingly extended period of email silence and the resulting lack of a guarantee of the contents or provenance of the frozen shipments beyond their self-evident deliciousness.  Only now can the true tale behind this icy blackout be told to a hopefully-credulous public!

For the truth is that I was rendered incommunicado by the sinister programmatic specificities of the infamous international public-policy supervillain known as ‘The Diabolical Problem’, alias ‘Le Problème Diabolique’, alias ‘El Cambio Climático’, alias (possibly, pending further investigation and an all-clear from copyright lawyers) ‘Keyser Söze’.  Forced to respond with brutally non-Geneva-Conventions-compliant interrogation of the data in a dangerously unstable partnership with Microsoft Office, there was barely time to produce a litre here or there of Blackberry Swirl, Rhubarb Crumble or Übervanilla, and no chance to adequately publicise them.

Fortunately for those who like to confirm the lack of allergens in their dessert prior to anaphylaxis, the chaos and confusion of the explosively onrushing election has allowed me the breathing space to inform you that this week the freezer downstairs contains not-quite-a-litre of Christmas Pudding Icecream.  Swirled with fruit mince soaked in the sticky-raisiny indulgence of Pedro Ximénez sherry, a small spoonful is all you’ll need for your own personal Christmas In July!

Dietary information: this ice cream contains milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, fruit mince, Pedro Ximénez.

Yours moving forward to real action on ice cream,

The Stressed Chef

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