Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Week's Baking, Part Two - Sourdough Rye Sandwich Loaf

I think this might be the best loaf of bread I've made, ever.

waiting to go into the oven...

I don't have time to go into blow by blow detail on the making of it... but I will say that 'air-kneading' (throwing the dough in the air and whacking it on the bench) provided plenty of entertainment for Pippin!

The recipe is from Wild Sourdough. This particular loaf uses approximately equal quantities of starter (rye in this case, though the recipe calls for white) and plain flour, resulting in a loaf that is about 50% starter. This means (apparently) that it rises well, in a shorter time, and has a denser crumb, but a less complex flavour.

looks like a treasure chest!

It is still plenty tasty, though. The texture is incredible, moist, tender. This is the sandwich loaf that supermarket or Bakers Delight loaves can only fantasise about being. I love the flecked look from the rye flour. It's got a nice slightly sour tang. I think it could possibly have done with another 5 minutes or so in the oven to dry it out a touch more... but it's damn good as it is.

Pause for consideration: This bread is, like, a MIRACLE. It is flour, and water, and a little bit of salt, and that's it! Nothing else! And it still rose properly and everything! WOW!!!! I am in awe of the power of sourdough!


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