Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thirty things that I love

I ♥ my crazy quirky family
I ♥ my crazy quirky friends
I ♥ tea
I ♥ roaming around farmers' markets
I ♥ roaming around handmade markets
I ♥ Twin Peaks
I ♥ The Muppet Show
I ♥ baking my own bread
I ♥ Nigella Lawson recipes
I ♥ living in Melbourne
I ♥ the interwebs
I ♥ The Lord of the Rings
I ♥ Agatha Christie mysteries
I ♥ a sleeping Pippin
I ♥ vintage teacups
I ♥ the smell of roses
I ♥ being asleep
I ♥ cute softie toys
I ♥ long flowy skirts
I ♥ The Dark is Rising books
I ♥ massages and spa treatments
I ♥ chocolate mud cake
I ♥ laughing
I ♥ walking
I ♥ a tidy house
I ♥ fresh sheets on the bed and clean pyjamas
I ♥ thunderstorms (when I'm inside the house!)
I ♥ warm a scented bath
I ♥ steamed broccoli with brown rice and lemon-soy-tahini sauce

Thanks Amanda from Calico & Co for the inspiration for this post!


  1. I LOVe. love. love your list!
    I giggled and nodded all the way through!
    Looking forward to making some brownies this weeekend...will check out your Nigella's!

  2. LOL thanks Lu! And definitely definitely check out those brownies... Yum!


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