Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Week's Baking: Semolina Sourdough and Orange, Currant & Fennel Loaf

This week I decided to try the orange, currant and fennel fruit loaf and the semolina sourdough from Wild Sourdough. Actually, I'd already made the semolina sourdough the week before (as bread rolls to have with some burgers) and it was that nice I thought I would make it again.

I even managed to take some photos while I was making the batches of dough. (They might be a bit fuzzy owing to the difficulty of using a camera without getting it coated in doughy gunk.)

The currant loaf recipe was rather vague about the point at which the orange marmalade should be added. Like, didn't mention it at all. So I thought I would layer it on as I was folding in the currants and fennel seeds. It worked a treat:


This bread is SO delicious. Screw you Dench bakers and your orange fruit loaf that costs $7 a pop. This is better.


And the finished loaf:

Here's some action shots from the semolina sourdough. This is another one that uses lots of starter - I fed my rye starter with white flour so it is only a little bit rye-y, but definitely 100% dense tangy goodness.

Honestly, not quite sure where that funny pointy bit that's sticking up at the side there came from, but no matter.

I'm thinking I might do a couple of no-knead breads next though, for a bit of a change. I also have a post scheduled that compares the two different kinds of bread techniques - just a few thoughts.

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  1. Those look beautiful! I've only tried my hand at a sourdough starter once, and it wasn't very sour. Then, it went too sour. I might try again, because there truly is nothing like a homemade sourdough.


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